Mukund Raghothaman

Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 308, Los Angeles, CA 90089
Telephone: +1 (213) 821-0853
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About Me

My research is at the intersection of programming languages, software engineering and automated reasoning. I draw on techniques from machine learning and formal methods to solve problems in program synthesis, verification, and static analysis. My goal is to build theoretically well-understood, rigorously evaluated, and practically useful tools to help programmers create better software with less effort.

I was previously affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, where I obtained my Ph.D. under the guidance of Rajeev Alur, and was later a postdoc working with Mayur Naik. During this time, I developed the Bingo and Drake probabilistic static analysis frameworks, contributed to formalizing the SyGuS synthesis framework, and designed domain-specific languages and programming abstractions for stream processing systems.

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