Mukund Raghothaman

Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 308, Los Angeles, CA 90089
Telephone: +1 (213) 821-0853
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Dec 2020GPS has been selected to appear at ICSE 2021! This paper is about synthesizing sound static analyzers from examples and knowledge bases.
Dec 2020GenSynth has been selected to appear at AAAI 2021! The paper describes the use of genetic programming techniques for the synthesis of Datalog programs.
Nov 2019ProSynth has been selected to appear at POPL 2020! We show how to use data provenance to synthesize Datalog programs.
Aug 2019I have joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California as an Assistant Professor!
June 2019Drake wins a Distinguished Paper Award at PLDI 2019: Effective static analysis during continuous software development and rapid code churn!
May 2019Difflog will appear at IJCAI 2019! This is a fundamentally new, relaxation-based approach to program synthesis.
May 2019Will be serving on the PC for PLDI 2020.
Sept 2018Code2Inv will appear as a NeurIPS 2018 spotlight paper: Infer loop invariants by reinforcement learning!
May 2018We will be presenting an overview of the Difflog program reasoning framework at MLP 2018!
Feb 2018Bingo will appear at PLDI 2018: Human-in-the-loop + Bayesian reasoning ⇒ Dramatically more accurate bug finding!

About Me

My research is at the intersection of programming languages, software engineering and automated reasoning. I draw on techniques from machine learning and formal methods to solve problems in program synthesis, verification, and static analysis. My goal is to build theoretically well-understood, rigorously evaluated, and practically useful tools to help programmers create better software with less effort.

I was previously affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, where I obtained my Ph.D. under the guidance of Rajeev Alur, and was later a postdoc working with Mayur Naik. During this time, I developed the Bingo and Drake probabilistic static analysis frameworks, contributed to formalizing the SyGuS synthesis framework, and designed domain-specific languages and programming abstractions for stream processing systems.

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